Windows 7 users be advised: You have less than one year left until Microsoft ends support for the Windows 7 operating system. This doesn’t mean your computer will stop working but it will definitely be less safe to use!

All versions of Windows have a limited shelf life. And while they don’t disappear, a lack of new features and security updates leave them woefully outdated. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7. There will be no more security updates. If a vulnerability is discovered (at this stage, there are about 5 to 10 every month!), your computer will become much easier to hack, your data might get into wrong hands, and hackers could even get your passwords and empty your bank accounts!

Microsoft’s end of support date will also encourage other companies to stop supporting Windows 7, too, which means applications will eventually stop working. Soon, popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox stop offering updates for the outdated systems.

With less than a year to go there are still millions of people using Windows 7. Just as millions of people carried on using Windows XP beyond its prime. Microsoft is hoping those individuals will upgrade to Windows 10, but there’s no guarantee that will happen.

While many will upgrade, others will carry on using Windows 7 regardless. And that isn’t advisable over the longterm when with each passing month Windows 7 is likely to get more insecure and more buggy, with no updates being released to fix it.

Start Looking Beyond Windows 7

There’s no need to panic. Windows 7 is still good for a few more months, and it won’t suddenly become unusable next year. However, Windows 7 users need to at least start thinking about their options, as Windows 7 will soon be old, outdated, and off of Microsoft’s radar.

It should be noted that Windows 10 isn’t perfect, which is why a lot of people have delayed upgrading. It certainly has had its share of issues! However, with a few simple tweaks, Windows 10 is probably the most reliable OS Microsoft has ever released.

Your Options

1. If your computer is over 5 years old, it’s probably time to replace it. We recommend a refurbished computers if you are on a strict budget or new business grade computers if you want something that will last for many years and be trouble free.

2. If your computer is less than 5 years old and still runs reasonably well, we can upgrade it to Windows 10. We have Windows 10 licenses in stock.

3. If your computer runs slow, we might be able to give it a new lease of life by performing a FreshStart Service on it. It makes a huge difference even with new-ish computers! Instead of taking minutes to start and dozens of seconds to load your apps and browse web pages, everything will just open almost instantly. After that, upgrading to Windows 10 is very smooth!

4. NOT RECOMMENDED! You can, of course, keep using Windows 7 as if nothing happened and rely on your luck. If you choose to do so, make sure you run a good antivirus suite and make backups of your data as often as possible.

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